We established Intro Sustainable Resources (ISR) in 2020 as one of Intro Group’s subsidiaries to develop the green economy and empower various entities with sustainable solutions in the power and utilities, and resource recovery sectors.

Over the years, we have worked with national and international entities, trailblazing a green path of  profitable sustainability. Under ISR, there are two different arms:

Intro Sustainability Power and Utilities (ISPU) and Intro Resource Recovery (IRR); each arm provides industry-specific solutions and together they provide integrated waste-to-energy solutions.

Intro Sustainable Resources has been enabling the green economy in Egypt through its diverse energy and waste projects. It is constantly engaging in dispersing  environmental awareness and developing sustainability solutions in Africa and the Middle East. In 2021 ISR received the provision of a senior secured from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to finance a pipeline of green projects. In the same year, ISR acquired Bariq, the biggest bottle to bottle PET facility in Egypt and the Middle East and is currently developing the recycling plant to become the biggest in Africa.


Enable the Green Economy


To Become The North Star of Environmental Sustainability 



We aim to lead the sustainability industry, hence we continuously adapt to advance using creative and tactical approaches. This is why adaptability and resilience are apart of our core values.


We embrace differences, whether in working methods, thinking strategies, skill sets, or background experiences; by doing so, we have cultivated a rich team full of different and brilliant ideas, stocked with various resources to power and execute those ideas.


Creativity, courage, and vulnerability are directly related. We seek to create a safe working environment that allows our team to fully express their creative ideas and test the limits of their imagination while empowering them to take risks into new innovative realms.


Nothing will get better if we keep focusing on the negative; this is why we encourage our employees to maintain an optimistic mindset that recognizes the negatives and positives and works towards offsetting the negative.


Sustainability is the backbone of any project we venture into. It’s our core value, and throughout the years, we have proved that profit can be sourced from innovative green solutions that serve the planet and maintain a steady profit stream to its organization.



Our working culture is guided by our values. At ISR, new ideas are always encouraged, examined and developed. Projects are assessed in terms of their sustainability with regards to their economic, social and environmental impact. It is a fast paced environment that fosters innovation, leadership and resilience. We always try to maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges and obstacles. Above all, we trust in our teams ability and integrity and in their diverse skills and mindsets to deliver the most effective solutions to our partners.      



Mostafa Khairat

Managing partner of Intro Resource Recovery

Mostafa Khairat is the managing partner of the Resource Recovery arm at Intro Sustainable Resources.

Intro’s Resource Recovery arm focuses on promoting a circular economy through facilitating waste collection, waste categorization, and ultimately deciding if waste is to be recycled, reused as an organic fertilizer, or used as an energy source.


Hany Helaly

Managing partner of Power and Utilities

Hany Helaly is the managing partner of the Power and Utilities arm at Intro Sustainable Resources.

Intro Sustainable Resource’s Power and Utilities arm aims to shift the dynamic away from oil and gas by providing sustainable energy solutions for businesses. The Power and Utilities arm is responsible for power generation, power distribution & management, energy efficiency, and water treatment.



Managing Partner of Intro Sustainable Resources

Mohamed Abbass is the founder of Intro Sustainable Resources.

Coming from a robust background in the oil and gas sector, Mohamed Abbas gained extensive experience at ADES, one of Egypt’s leading energy firms. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable practices in the energy industry, Mohamed took the initiative to found Intro Sustainable Resources. This venture is not just a business, but a vision and a commitment to reshaping the way we think about energy and resources. Through Intro Sustainable Resources, Mohamed has introduced a series of innovative solutions, aiming to strike a balance between the demands of today and the needs of tomorrow. His deep understanding of the traditional energy sector, combined with a genuine passion for sustainability and a clear vision for the future, positions him uniquely as he continuously strives to bridge the gap between conventional practices and eco-friendly alternatives.